Archived Video - Eamonn Coghlan interview prior to Dublin Straight Mile in 1983

In the final build up to the Griffith Avenue Mile on September 22nd 2019, we look back to some archive footage of some of the participants of the 1983 Dublin Straight Mile race. Courtesy of RTE Sport, here is an interview with our very own Eamonn Coghlan in the days running up to the race almost 36 years ago in November '83.

In this great video, Eamonn tells how he was instrumental to setting up the mile road race series with an idea that he had in 1981, how his form was at the time in the run up to the Dublin Straight Mile and indeed his real focus - the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. He even mentions some local competition he had at the time. Watch the video to find out more!

As previously announced, we're privileged to have Eamonn return to host the Griffith Avenue Mile as our official guest of honour and race starter, on the same course as he ran in 1983. It will be a day to remember for all!

For those interested in participating in either the fun run or timed run, tickets are still available at for a limited time.

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