The Griffith Avenue Mile Warmup by The Edge Gym

We’re delighted to confirm the return of our partners The Edge Gym to this years Griffith Avenue Mile. The team from The Edge will provide a warmup session prior to the start of the race in the warmup area in Dominican College on Griffith Avenue.

The Edge Gym in Marino and Clontarf offer a range of fitness services from personal training to strength and fitness classes, and are dedicated to providing you with the skill-set, support and encouragement to reach and maintain your goal weight, lifestyle, diet change and personal approach to everyday tasks.

For those aiming to excel in a one-mile road race, the significance of warming up cannot be overstated. Warming up serves as a crucial stepping stone toward a successful race. And we’re delighted to have the team from The Edge here to support you all.

Here are some compelling reasons why a good quality warmup should never be underestimated:

1. Improved Blood Flow:
During a warm-up, heart rate gradually elevates, prompting an increase in blood flow to your muscles. This heightened circulation ensures that muscles receive a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients, thereby reducing muscle stiffness and the potential for post-race soreness.

2. Enhanced Muscle Function:
Warming up readies your muscles and joints, rendering them more supple and responsive to the impending demands of the race. Incorporating dynamic stretches and light aerobic exercises such as jogging or skipping can significantly enhance your range of motion—a critical factor for efficient and injury-free running.

3. Mental Preparedness:
Warming up isn't solely about physical readiness; it's also a means to prepare mentally. It allows athletes to focus their thoughts on the race ahead, mentally rehearse their race strategy, and manage pre-race nerves. This mental clarity can boost confidence and maintain focus throughout the race.

4. Injury Prevention:
One of the most vital aspects of warming up is injury prevention. Cold and stiff muscles are more prone to strains, sprains, and tears. Gradually increasing heart rate and temperature reduces the risk of injuries, ensuring that you can complete the race safely. Injuries can hamper training progress and be profoundly discouraging, underscoring the importance of preventive measures.

5. Enhanced Performance:
Ultimately, the primary objective of any warm-up is to optimise performance. When the body is properly prepared, runners can operate with greater efficiency, sustain a faster pace, and endure the race with less fatigue. This can be the decisive factor between achieving a personal best or an average performance.

So join the team from The Edge on Sunday September 17th in the warmup area at Dominican College, Griffith Avenue for a warmup session that’s sure to deliver your optimum performance in the race.