Our 2022 Medal Design

The Griffith Avenue Mile team are delighted to unveil our 2022 race medal. Having considered many options, we settled on a combination of something old, and something new. Namely the same beautiful ribbon with our race brand colours as we had in the 2019 race, with a newly designed and more sustainable wooden medal embossed with our logo.

We hope you like it.

Our medals are made from Linden which means they are compostable and less harmful to the environment than other medals. There is less water and harmful processes used to produce them and extracting the materials from the environment. They are hand made. There is no paint work which means no harmful toxins. 

Every race participant will receive one of these medals to celebrate their achievement and remember what promised to be a great day for all.

Secure your place in the Griffith Avenue Mile, and by doing so receive your medal on September 18th by booking your ticket here.buy-tickets-cta-rectanglepng